Finance & Payment

  • Q. How long does the approval process take?
  • A. Generally a customer will be approved, over the phone, within 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Q. How do I make payments?
  • A. Repayments can be made via direct debit from an Australian saving or cheque account or via credit card.
  • Q. Can I keep the equipment at after my installments are all made?
  • A. You can make one more monthly payment at the end of your finance term and keep the equipment. Other end of term options are also available to ensure you always have the latest up to date equipment.
  • Q. Can I pay off earlier?
  • A. Yes. The contracts clearly state the number of payments and the amount of each payment. If you wish to pay off earlier than the contracted term you simply need to pay the remaining repayments.