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CL26 Digital Piano

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The Compact Line range of instruments provide an excellent introduction to Kawai digital pianos, featuring an authentic weighted keyboard action, 88-key piano sampling technology and a modern, slimline cabinet design.

The modest functionality of the CL26 is ideally suited to students wishing to practice at home, or pianists that require a compact instrument without wishing to forego realism and authenticity. It offers an uncomplicated, highly enjoyable piano playing experience at a very attractive price.


Kawai digital pianos enjoy a favourable reputation for their reliable keyboard actions, as well as their uncanny ability to recreate the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano. The CL26’s Advanced Hammer Action IV keyboard is no exception, featuring grade-weighted hammers and an innovative springless design for a smooth, natural playing experience.


The CL26 reproduces the beautiful sound of Kawai’s world-renowned EX concert grand piano, with 88-key piano sampling techniques preserving the rich harmonic character of this prestigious, hand-crafted instrument in its absolute glory. From this thorough acoustic portrait, the CL26 employs Kawai’s highly acclaimed Harmonic Imaging sound technology to faithfully recreate the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano.


With elegant curves and graceful simplicity, the stylish CL26 represents a modern classic from Kawai’s award winning design group. With a depth of just over 26cm, this ultra-compact pianos occupies a minimal amount of floor space, and is tailor-made for today’s urban living environments. Available in distinguished, traditional Rosewood or sleek, sophisticated Satin Black cabinet finishes, the versatile CL26 blends effortlessly with surrounding interior, brightening dusky rooms with vibrant musical colour.